Branding Guidelines


Used according to the Mercedes-Benz guidelines, the trademark (which includes the three-pointed star and the Mercedes-Benz name) will reinforce the Mercedes-Benz message of quality, performance, safety, and heritage. 

In addition, the logo contains the Larry H. Miller name, which reflects the important of his legacy and calls attention to our involvement with one of the most influential automotive groups in the country. This logo has a special place in our hearts so it shouldn’t be altered.

  • The logo should always be placed on a black background–not a black square or a black rectangle that’s as big as the logo.
  • If our dealership name doesn’t fit, the three-pointed star needs to be used. 
  • There should also be enough clearance (~1.5 star wide horizontally and 0.25 star vertically).


The Luxury of Experience is our motto: it represents not only our decades’ worth experience in the automotive industry, and how this translates to the superb experience our customers receive, but also to the experience and standards of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. At Mercedes-Benz of Draper, we expect nothing less and truly come second to none.


The homepage sliders are 845px wide x 95px tall.


Banners on the site’s pages are 940px wide x at least 100px tall: 

  • An inventory page’s banner should be no taller than 100px tall. 
  • Any other page’s banner should be at least 200px tall and should be neither cluttered nor too busy. 
  • If you’re an outside organization and are building a page banner or homepage slider for the site, they need to be generally aesthetically pleasing, clean, modern, and refined.


Think LUXURY + REFINEMENT for Mercedes-Benz of Draper assets. We proud ourselves in both our industry experience and our client’s experience at the dealership and beyond.

This landmark dealership deserves no less.