How The Lease-End Process Works


Before your lease ends, you’ll receive a very important package in the mail from us: The front of the envelope will state, “Confidential Leasing Statement.” Don’t throw it away! Check out a preview of the package** here so you can follow along as Steve describes it in the video. Remember that as you were setting up your lease, we both arranged how many miles you’d use the vehicle for. If you exceed those limits, there’ll be a penalty. Other factors (such as dings and bumps) can also lead to penalties.Steve’s job, then, among the many other hats he wears at Mercedes-Benz of Draper, is to help save you some of those expenses. Or if you’re running out of miles, he can even help get you into a newer vehicle.


This package, which you can preview** here, contains a letter, an inspection form, and several other documents tailored to each lessee. This letter introduces Steve as your go-to for the lease-end process and explains that there’ll be a $595.00 lease turn-in fee that may be waived with the purchase of a new Mercedes-Benz vehicle.In addition to the letter, you’ll also find a three-point Inspection Sheet in your lease-end package. This inspection form, which you should go over before you turn in your vehicle, will help give you a closer look at the issues we’ll go over here at the dealership. It outlines some of the normal wear-and-tear items on your Mercedes. With this form, you’ll go around your car checking off items that might be a potential problem.

Along those lines, Mercedes-Benz uses what it calls “The Credit Card Rule,” which means that any damage on the vehicles that is smaller than the size of a credit card is considered normal wear and tear. Anything that is larger than a credit card will need to be repaired BEFORE you turn in your leased Mercedes. (This Credit Card Rule does not apply to windshields, lights, wheels, tires, exterior cracks, gouges, collective damage, or holes in the sheet metal.)

Your Lease-End Package from Mercedes-Benz of Draper** will also include a Balance-to-Maturity Report. This statement details how many payments you have left on your vehicle. Note that the systems change every month, so sometimes we may be able to get you into a newer vehicle when you have four payments left, while other months we may do so when you have five months left. This is something that we’d discuss with you at your convenience.

The package also contains your account information, which includes your serial number and the date on which your lease ends. Of course, you also have the option to purchase that Mercedes at the end of your lease, so we also attach the Payoff Amount in the last page of our Lease-End package, just in case. If you do end up choosing to buy that vehicle, we’ll assist you with any financing or additional information you may need.

**Please note: The Lease-End Package preview we make available for download from our site excludes the personalized information that’s associated with someone’s account, such as their Balance-to-Maturity Report, account information, and Payoff Amount. If you’d like to go over your own Lease-End documents, don’t hesitate to call/text Steve at (801) 907-1955.


Regardless of whether this is your tenth or first time leasing, Steve will make sure your experience leasing a Mercedes with us is very straightforward. By previewing what we’ll go over when you bring your vehicle back, we hope we can help diminish some of the stress you may feel due to this process.Our goal at Mercedes-Benz of Draper is to make this process completely hassle-free for you and your family. We’re the only Mercedes dealership in Utah that the brand picked as the BEST to work for, and all that love we feel for our employees translates into the most caring and helpful experiences for our clients.So let us take care of you and we appreciate you for choosing Utah County’s exclusive Benz dealership!

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