Smart ForTwo Masters the Art of the Perfect Park

April 13th, 2016 by

We have all been there. You know, that moment when you find a parking spot after searching for what feels like hours only to find that you can’t fit in this so called desirable spot after all. However, it’s quite the contrary in the 2016 Smart ForTwo Pure Coupe, which comes into its own in the most compact of spaces. Of course, squeezing into small spaces isn’t the Smart Pure Coupe’s only strong suit.

Since the ForTwo Pure Coupe is engineered with Mercedes-Benz, you’ll feel confident knowing that it must meet the strongest of industry standards, especially when it comes to safety. In addition to its steel doors with spot-welded reinforcements, the compact vehicle boasts best-in-class turning radius. Additionally, drivers will enjoy its sleek, yet comfortable cabin, as well as its array of tech-savvy amenities.

Ultimately the ForTwo Pure Coupe really boils down to being agile, efficient and fit for fun. Are you ready to take one for a test drive? Contact our dealership by calling 802-222-4400.

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