Acoustic Design of A Mercedes-Benz


It’s as much about what you hear as what you don’t.

Some might argue that a great automobile eliminates noise altogether. But at the same time we’re inventing new ways to shield you from unwelcome sounds, we’re also fine-tuning every auditory aspect of our vehicles so that you can hear what makes them extraordinary–from their distinctive exhaust notes to the solid and reassuring thump of a closed Mercedes-Benz door.

Vehicle Configuration

Every Mercedes-Benz has a unique sound based on the set-up of its engine, transmission and exhaust system. In particular, exhaust notes are tuned to give model families — and even specific vehicles — their own individual character.

Noise Insulation

Materials engineered to block and absorb sound are integrated throughout the vehicle. Other insulation measures, such as increasing the thickness of windows, also come into play.


Noise caused by airflow around the vehicles is reduced in any number of ways, from repositioning windshield wipers and streamlining roof pillars, to altering the shape of side mirrors.


The level of acoustic comfort in the cabin, as perceived by the human ear, is optimized using criteria like loudness, sharpness and “articulation index” — or how easily occupants can carry on a conversation.

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