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Mercedes-Benz Design

The words “a Mercedes-Benz should always look like a Mercedes-Benz” still fuel our creative fire.

But what we achieve goes far beyond appearances. Together with some of the world’s best automotive engineers, our team of industrial, textile, graphic and interface designers devote themselves to the craft of automobile making. And what we produce are vehicles that not only look, but feel and sound like nothing else on the road.

What’s on the outside comes from within.

Although Mercedes-Benz designs have consistently proved ahead of their time, our vehicles are often described as timeless. And that’s not surprising. Because for us, design is an outward expression of the same values we’ve held dear for more than 125 years.

So no matter the aerodynamics, the specifications and the technical requirements, every new Mercedes-Benz design is simply a new interpretation of the things we’ve always believed in.

Mercedes-Benz Exterior Design

Iconic Designs: Defining an era is one thing. Transcending it is another.

While every Mercedes-Benz is designed to stand the test of time, certain vehicles have managed to perfectly capture not only the spirit of their day, but the promise of what lies ahead. Explore a handful of iconic designs that live on both in the imagination and in the annals of automotive history.


When you’re engineering comfort, no minutia is too small.

While the considerations that go into a Mercedes-Benz interior are countless, the goal is quite singular when you first step inside and close the door you should feel at home. To that end, we painstakingly craft even the smallest detail to create an atmosphere that gives you a sense of confidence and well-being.

Colors & Materials

Specialists select the color palette and materials for every interior surface. Textures, gloss levels, grain and other details are chosen based in part on their ability to convey high levels of quality.


An automobile should fit its occupants – not the other way around. Everything from seating position and door-handle height, to dashboard layout and control location is designed with people in mind.

Controls & Displays

Besides the look and feel of switches, knobs and other controls, the interior design team also develops the graphics, interface and menu structure for the on-board computer – not to mention the logic behind its functionality.


Collectively, all interior elements should create a driving environment that makes occupants feel both at ease and in control. The care and craftsmanship with which every Mercedes-Benz is built should be readily apparent.

Mercedes-Benz of Draper is committed to showing you The Luxury of Experience in everything we do and offer. We look forward to serving you.

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