Mercedes-Benz Safety


Decades of preparation. Milliseconds of proof.

For well over half a century, Mercedes-Benz engineers have been devoted to preparing for a moment they hope never occurs. From the invention of the crumple zone to countless innovations in occupant protection and accident avoidance, the safety firsts of Mercedes-Benz often set a standard that all automobiles eventually follow.

Today, a Mercedes-Benz offers exclusive new breakthroughs to help make an accident less severe, less damaging, or even less likely. True to their heritage, they’re engineered to protect you in ways you might never have imagined. And with the hope that you’ll never have to.


The exclusive PRESAFE® system can sense that a collision might be imminent, and help prepare for it in the precious moments leading up to it.

Using a network of sensors (many of them already serving other safety systems in the vehicle), PRESAFE® can detect certain conditions that suggest an accident is about to occur, such as extreme skidding. It then tightens the front seat belts, adjusts the front head restraints and passenger seat, and can even close the windows and sunroof, all to better prepare the occupants for more effective results from the restraint systems.


Even a moment of driver distraction can have life-changing results. With DISTRONIC PLUS®, advanced radar sensors vigilantly scan traffic ahead for stopped or slowing traffic.

If the system senses that a collision is imminent, its PRESAFE® Brake feature automatically initiates up to 40% braking power, audibly alerts the driver, and engages the PRESAFE® system. When the driver brakes, 100% braking pressure is instantly applied. And should the driver fail to respond, the system can apply full braking on its own, serving as an “electronic crumple zone” to help reduce the intensity of a collision.


Even in the most exciting vehicle, a long journey can bring about driver fatigue.

An industry first, ATTENTION ASSIST® takes note of over 70 parameters in the first minutes of a drive to get to know your unique driving style. As your journey continues, it can detect certain steering corrections that suggest the onset of drowsiness. It then considers a wide array of other factors, from crosswinds and road smoothness to how often you’re interacting with the vehicle’s controls and switches. If it all adds up to driver fatigue, ATTENTION ASSIST® sounds an alert encouraging you to stop for a rest.

Active Blind Spot Assist and Active Lane Keeping Assist

Danger can come from any direction. Blind Spot Assist goes a step beyond your side mirrors.

When radar sensors in the rear bumper detect that a vehicle is alongside yours, a red icon lights up in the side mirror to let you know. If you signal for a lane change, an alert sounds. With Lane Keeping Assist, a special camera watches the markings on the pavement as you drive. If it senses that you’re drifting out of your lane, it vibrates the steering wheel. And with either system, advanced active technology can apply the brakes on one side of the vehicle, to help guide you back into your own lane.

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