Sprinter Van Accessories

Best Mercedes Sprinter Van Accessories & Best Mercedes Sprinter Van Parts that work for you

Dedicated to delivering top quality solutions unique to your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van. Customize you Sprinter Van with a wide range of sprinter accessories - from ladder racks to winches - we have everything you need to complete your Van, Life, or Adventure experience.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van offers the reliability and customizability needed to help drive your business, life, or adventure to success.

Safety: Mercedes-Benz vans are equipped with the innovative safety features that keep you, your crew, and your passengers as safe as possible, so you can concentrate on getting the Sprinter van loads job done.

Performance: The Sprinter van is the total package - tough, powerful, efficient, and flexible. So it can handle any condition your day and Sprinter van loads throw at it. 

Connectivity: With new connectivity features, you'll stay in touch with the people and information that move your needs forward faster.

Cost Efficient: As a business owner, parent, or adventurer, you know buying quality for the long haul is always worth it for your bottom line. And all types of Sprinter vans save through efficiency, retained value, and more.

Sprinter Van Conversions: Sprinter van conversions are some of the most popular vehicles for due to their long wheelbases, high roofs, 4×4 option, and availability on the used van market.

Sprinter Van Ramp

Handi-Ramp's Sprinter Van Ramp increases the Sprinter Van's flexibility as a delivery or service vehicle by providing a safe, portable ramp system that can be deployed in any situation. This Sprinter van ramp will allow you to easily load and unload cargo, reducing strain and injury for all who use it.

Not looking to add an aluminum ramp to your work van? Enjoy the freedom and low cost of adding a Handi-Ramp to your passenger van accessories!

This aluminum construction van ramp has a 1,000 pound capacity. It is 10.5 foot long with 36 inches of usable width incorporated into a a bi-fold design. The overall height with the base plate is 68 inches and the overall width is 46 inches.

  • Compatible with the Mercedes Sprinter Model 2500 Cargo and the Sprinter Van model 3500 Cargo.
  • Ramps are built in the USA to fit your specific vehicle.
  • The patented non slip raised button aluminum serves as the ramps surface making the ramp safe to use in any weather including snow, rain, ice and sand.
  • Types of Sprinter Vans intended for use with Cargo, Crew or Passenger Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans. 

Starting at $3,000

Mercedes Sprinter Van Parts:  Mondo Big Tire Kit

The 2019+ Mercedes-Benz Sprinter come with a smaller wheel opening than the previous model. In order to run larger tires, or install chains you'll need to gain some space for the wheel opening. This Mondo kit increases the wheel opening by 2 inches! Best of all, this Sprinter Van Parts kit matches the factory look and requires no painting or cutting. Remarkably suitable for van loads.

  • VS30 / 907 model
  • Made from durable TPO plastic
  • Fits 2019+ Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans
  • Compatible on 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive
  • Comes as a pair

*Mud flap Sprinter Van Part is not included (the mud flaps are typically reused).

Sprinter Van Parts: Van Compass Floating Light Mount

Add aggressive styling with ultimate function to the front of your 2012+ Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van. This mount bolts on using existing mounting points behind the grill to provide a rigid fixation for your favorite high power auxiliary lights. This mount is specifically designed around the Baja Designs LP-9 or LP6 lights. The mount makes the lights appear to be floating in front of the grill for a sleek and aggressive front end update. With additional front lighting on your Sprinter, you can have the peace of mind to travel further and travel safer both on and off-road.

  • VS30
  • Specifically designed mounts for the Baja Designs LP-9 or LP6 lights
  • Gives the illusion of floating lights
  • 2012+ Mercedes-Benz Sprinters

*Mount only, lights are not included.

Starting at $350 Uninstalled

Sprinter Van Cargo Accessories: Cargo Boxes

The 20" Aluminum large Cargo box is the perfect way to store extra gear, or any items you don't want cluttering the interior of your van loads.
These custom made all-aluminum boxes are lightweight, and strong.

  • Aluminum
  • Powder Coated Black
  • External Dimensions: 30" tall, 24" wide, 16" deep
  • Internal Dimensions: 29 3/4″ Height x 23 3/4″ Wide x 14 3/8″ Deep
  • Opening (Mouth): 26 3/16″ Wide x 19″ HT
  • Optional shelf
  • Lightweight
  • Locking
  • Able to mount to all Owl Sprinter carriers that accept boxes

Starting at $725 Uninstalled

Sprinter Van Accessories: Van Compass Winch Mount

The Van Compass Winch Mount allows you to venture onto dirt roads with the peace of mind. This Printer Van accessory gives you a back-up plan
in the event you get stuck or encounter an obstacle that is beyond your van's capability. This winch mounting system completely replaces the factory bumper under the plastic cover. The sensor is relocated to the winch mount from the position above the step where the top of the winch needs to land.

  • The bumper is compatible with adaptive cruise control and parking sensors.
  • Mount attaches to the 8mm bolts in front of the chassis and the 12mm bolts on the bottom.
  • The bottom 12mm bolts are past the crumple zone of the chassis. This helps to strengthen the mounting of this winch mount to
    ensure the chassis will hold up to heavy pulls and the mount will not flex.
  • This winch bumper retains the side impact protection the original factory bumper provides.
  • Dual-stage powder coating process, along with a zinc-rich primer.
  • Matte black finish

Starting at $1,200 Uninstalled

Sprinter Van Accessories: Warn Zeon 12-S Platinum Winch

Meet the world's most technologically advanced winch, the ZEON Platinum™. This winch comes in a 12,000 pound capacity spooled with extra-strong Spydura(R) Pro synthetic rope. Packed with performance features, ZEON Platinum 12-S features the Advanced Wireless Remote that puts the winch, clutch and accessory control in the palm of your hand. The high-speed motor, stronger gears, and heat-treated ring gear, deliver 20% faster line speed, efficiency, and high durability rating. Travel anywhere and have the security of knowing you can pull yourself out of almost any situation.

  • Accessory includes the Advanced Wireless Remote. Allowing you to control the winch and up to two accessories. While also providing feedback on your vehicle's battery charge, motor temperature, winch control operation, and more.
  • Durable aluminum structure
  • Flat black powder-coated finish
  • Stainless steel fasteners for extra durability and maximum corrosion
  • Extremely resistance proven with 400 Hours of salt-spray testing
  • Extreme waterproofing with rigorous IP68 standards
  • Convertible control pack can be attached to the winch or remotely mounted, allowing for various winch mounting options and looks.
  • The style control pack with contactor and advanced controls provides you with extreme reliability and weather resistance.

Starting at $2,300 Uninstalled

Mercedes Sprinter Van Parts: Van Compass Engine Skid Plate

Explore with confidence in your 4×4 Sprinter with the Van Compass Engine Skid Plate. Designed to create a strong, smooth surface to
protect the vital drivetrain components when off-roading. The skid system is 100% bolt-on with all the hardware provided. Engine oil
changes can be performed without removal of skid system.

  • For additional protection add the transmission/transfer case skid plate and
    fuel tank skid plate!
  • For Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Revel Vans
  • Made of 1/4″ thick 6061-T6 Aluminum and 3/16″ high strength steel
  • 3/16″ steel front 'bash' plate
  • The engine skid plate comes in black or raw aluminum
  • If chosen, the black is a powder coat finish for corrosion protection
  • Engine skid plate side: 1/4″ Aluminum All necessary hardware
  • Total installed weight 55 lbs

*Blue skid plate photos were custom powder-coated by a client.

Starting at $850 Uninstalled

Sprinter Van Parts: Hammerhead Winch Bumper

The Hammerhead Winch Bumper is clean and compact. This bumper walks the perfect line between rugged and purposeful while maintaining the beautiful lines of your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van.

  • Ultra rugged steel design
  • Includes additional front hitch
  • Dual tow shackles
  • Winch ready (winch sold separately)
  • Works with all front sensors (including adaptive cruise controls)
*Important - The Hammerhead bumper requires relocating the factory radar sensor. After recalibration, the system should function as intended BUT please understand that any modifications to the safety equipment of the van are done are the buyer's own risk. All liability for the functioning of the system falls on the user.

Starting at $2,995 Uninstalled

Roof Rack, Ladder + Tire Carrier

The Roof Rack, Ladder + Tire Carrier for types of Sprinter Vans creates a seamless integration of two great products onto one rack. Access your roof rack easily and get your spare tire out from under the van. No need to mount a separate ladder off the side of the van. Though, if you want two ladders for two people to load large items on the roof rack, the Ladder + Tire Carrier creates a simple all in one solution.

Note there are two types of hinges on the new 2019+ Sprinter Vans-180˚ and 270˚. The 180˚ hinges have holes to mount our carriers from the factory. If you have 270˚ hinges, you will need to purchase 180° hinges. This accessory works with all hinges on 2020 REVEL as they all have 180° hinges.

  • Fits Sprinter VS30 (2019+)
  • Does not interfere with Parking Assist sensors on most vans
  • Black powder-coated finish
  • All Tig Welded Aluminum
  • Requires 180˚ hinges. Must purchase new 270˚ hinges
  • Lightweight (25lbs)
  • Comes ready for a tire or a box
    • There are box mounting tabs welded to the tire hoop for a flexible setup
  • Tire not included. Box not included
  • Additional footpegs on side tube
  • Spin-on tire holder with locking option
  • Adjustable for different wheel/tire sizes (33" Max)
  • Opens with the door
  • Compatible with vans with rear windshield wipers
  • No need to relocate the license plate or remove the Mercedes badge
  • Works for 2500 & 3500 Sprinter Van models.
    • If you have a 3500, you need an extra part, please state that you have a 3500 in the "Order Notes" when ordering so we
      can make sure to add the extra plate

*Note for LOW-ROOF Sprinter Vans. Please specify if you need a low roof ladder. Availability not guaranteed.

Starting at $2,350 Uninstalled

Tire Carrier

Tire carrier for 2019+ Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans is a durable solution for mounting your spare tire at a convenient level. As Mercedes-Benz removed the magnetic stopper in the door on 2019+ models, a mounting point and a single hole must be drilled for installation. Not to worry, we utilize a mistake-free template and a specialty drill bit to make installation a breeze. The Tire Carrier is a durable option that protects the wheel from under-cabin damage, and is a breeze to mount on and off.

There are two types of hinges on the new 2019+ Sprinter Vans- 180˚ and 270˚. Only the 180˚ hinges have holes to mount our carriers from the factory. If you have 270˚ hinges, you will need to purchase 180° hinges.

  • Compatible Sprinter 2019+ and 2020 Revel
  • Sits close to door
  • Black color
  • Compatible for 180˚ hinges
  • Does not interfere with parking sensors
  • Lightweight and Rugged
  • ALL 2020 REVELs have 180˚ hinges
  • Mandrel-bent 2" steel tube construction
  • Dual-layer powder coating with self-healing base primer
  • Trail tested for thousands of miles
  • Compatible with vans with rear windshield wipers

Starting at $1,200 Uninstalled

Best Sprinter Van Accessories: B2 Carrier (Bike & Box)

The B2 Carrier for Mercedes Sprinter 2019+ and Revel 2020+ adds a modular mounting plate. The plate runs the length of the tube tallows for adjustability in mounting bikes and other compatible accessories. This mount is compatible for low roof Sprinter Vans.

This accessory is perfect for individuals that want a stable, yet simple bike carrier system. Best of all, this B2 carrier opens with the doors.

  • Rock-solid strength of a tig welded tubular aluminum frame
  • Includes: Carrier, black-oxide stainless hardware, bike mounting tubes (22")
  • Bike tray sold separately. Box sold separately.
  • All TIG welded aluminum construction
  • Powder-coated Black (dual-layer powder)
  • Loads up to 150lbs
  • Installs in less than 30 mins with basic tools
  • Works with e-bikes
  • Requires a single hole be drilled for mounting
  • Works with both large and medium-size boxes
  • Works for VS30 vans (2019+), 2500, 3500, 4×4 & 4×2
  • Can cause backup sensors to ping when reversing (varies by van)

Starting at $1,995 Uninstalled

MOAB Elevator-Available in Black Hex or Bamboo Top

Meet the MOAB - the Mother Of All Beds. This accessory reinvents your sleep and Sprinter van loads cargo options inside your van. This platform provides one of the lightest and strongest van bed systems out there. The MOAB bed provides the flexibility of different height and width mounting options inside your van with three individual telescoping panels. For safety, these panels lock into place to keep them secured under load and movement. *** The locks MUST be engaged to insure safety!

  • All MOAB beds include 3 fully-assembled bed panels, 1 pair of mounting rails, and hardware to affix to to Adventure Wagon's wall brackets, sold separately
  • Bare, natural aluminum frame and mounting rails are standard
  • Configure the MOAB as an adjustable bed or shelving system
  • Three lightweight telescoping panels constructed with a strong aluminum frame and plywood surfaces allowing you to raise or lower the bed quickly
  • Each panel is expanded in place by a gas strut that exerts 15lbs of pressure onto the track system for a tight fit
  • Remove the panels instantly to provide walk through space in your vehicle
  • Total length is 77″ long at the bed center, and 67″ wide. Each of the smaller panels is 23″ x 67″ and the larger rear panel is 31″deep

Starting at $3,800 Uninstalled

Best Sprinter Van Accessories: MONK Bunks

Looking to have front to back access inside your van, yet still have the ability to get a good night sleep? The Monk Bunk is the answer. Be able to quickly stow your bed while on the go and drop it down in a flash. The bed has a five-inch shelf that enables you to stow your bedding in place when collapsed. It's a full-on bike hauling van in the day with the convenience of flip-down sleeping at night. Use one for a solo bunk or install two for double flip-down awesomeness.

  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van Model 144 & 170
  • Durable aluminum frame built with a 5'' shelf and hinges
  • Upholstered marine grade plywood panels
  • Quickly folds up and secures with pull straps
  • Use the Monk Bunk as a bed on either side of the van
  • Lift to the raised position for secured bedding storage and space utilization

Starting at $3,400 Uninstalled